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With more and more people making the switch towards a vegetarian or vegan diet, meat-free menu options at pubs and restaurants are becoming less ‘special order’ and more ‘standard menu item’. More shelf space is being allocated to vegetarian and vegan meals and food products at supermarkets and convenience stores. Even fast food chain restaurants are promoting their ‘healthy vegetarian’ menu options. The stigma that once surrounded vegetarian and vegan foods is fast becoming a distant memory.

If you’re in the food service industry or manage a supermarket or convenience store, there’s never been a better time than now to buy vegetarian food online from Vincent Vegetarian Food. As Melbourne based wholesale vegetarian food suppliers, we can supply frozen and dry foods in both vegetarian and vegan variations. Discover our wide range of options online today!

Vegetarian Food Has Never Tasted Better

One of the biggest obstacles that people must overcome when switching from a meat-based diet to a vegetarian / vegan diet is the perceived taste and texture of the substitute product when compared to the original. So when they discover that both taste and texture are quite similar to the original, they’re often pleasantly surprised.

If you’re ready to let go of eating meat but aren’t quite ready to give up the versatility of using meat as an ingredient in your favourite recipes, Vincent Vegetarian Food stocks the best vegetarian wholesale foods and vegetarian meats from our suppliers in Asia and elsewhere across the world. Buy vegetarian food online from our store and experience the difference for yourself.

Wholesalers and Home Deliverers of Quality Vegetarian Foods

In addition to assuming the mantle as Melbourne’s leading wholesale vegetarian food suppliers, Vincent Vegetarian Food also provides home delivery across the metropolitan area.

Set up an account with us today to buy vegetarian food online from our range of frozen and dry food products, including meat substitutes, soy products, coconut milks and more.